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Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Motivation of this research blog

This research blog is devoted to the research I perform in the field of stochastic modeling. The latter being the methodology, the topic is optical buffers. Since October 2004, I work and publish on this strongly mathematics-related subject. Main players are: probabilities, Markov chains, generating functions and ergodicity conditions. I am affiliated with SMACS, TELIN, Ghent University, Belgium (see sidebar for links). I work closely together with K. Laevens, D. Fiems and H. Bruneel, all experts in the field of stochastic modeling. Recently, I also joined forces with J. Lambert, B. Van Houdt on a Markov-chain-based approach to optical buffers. Further, I am also involved in a stimulating collaboration with E. Morozov, for work on stability conditions for the case of, you name it, optical buffers.

Since January 2005, I disseminate my research activities through an academic page. The scope of this (additional) platform is to have an online spot that I can edit and update in an easy way. It serves to broadcast an online list of my publications, but also comes at hand for commenting on research in general.

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Wouter B. Rogiest
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Ghent, 29 August 2007

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