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Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Publish Nor Perish

Publish or perish. I'm sure most researchers among us are familiar with this phrase, that refers to the pressure to publish work constantly in order to further or sustain one's career in academia.

And it's mostly true: we do need to disseminate results in written form. Applying it to my own case: what else would enable me to work further upon work of Italians (F. Callegati), Brazilians (R.C. Almeida), Hungarians (L. Lakatos),... without necessitating travel.

Extremely rare are those who glare with ideas across centuries without publishing. In academia I don't know any, actually. In general history...well there's such people as Sokrates, and Jesus, to name a few. They seem to go with a different adage: publish nor perish.

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